Available flower bulbs in spring

Our spring flower bulbs can be ordered from the beginning of January every year while stocks last!
Flower bulbs that can be planted in the spring are delivered in April. If shipments from producers arrive earlier, shipping will begin after March 15th.

In April, when the soil has warmed up enough and the days are permanently warm, planting flowering bulbs in the summer can begin, designing a new face for the garden.

After flowering the spring bulbs, in addition to the perennials, these plants will adorn our garden until the autumn frosts, with which we can create fresh spots of color to enjoy relaxing in the garden.

When planting bulbs and tubers, always consider the adult height of the plant. In relation to this, determine the planting depth. Place the bulbs growing taller at least 20-25 cm deep to prevent them from falling out of the weight of the flowers. Also keep the distance between them according to the size of the plant. If we leave little space, they will not be able to develop nicely, to grow flowers.

Our offer includes begonias, dahlias, gladiolus, lilies, cannabis flowers and many other specialties.