Peony is one of the plants known to everyone and can be found in almost every garden. Deciduous herbaceous plants are the more well-known, but there are also woody and semi-woody ones, almost any color.

Choice of location in the garden
Resistant, long-lived perennials. Plant in a sunny, semi-shady place. Its roots extend far, so plant it so that no other plants are right next to it. It is worth choosing a permanent place for him, where he will not be disturbed for several years, because as a result, flowering may be delayed.

Planting the purchased plant
They can live on any soil, but in the fall or spring we can improve the soil with garden compost. They thrive best on nutrient-rich, loose soil. Do not put the stems too deep, the buds should not be deeper than 5-8 cm. There are smaller growing varieties (e.g. Patio series) but you don’t really like to be in pots, we prefer to plant them in the garden. In our experience, stems planted in the spring also bloom in the year of planting, but for this it is important to water them regularly after planting for rooting.

After the spring sprouting, it is worth watering, with which we can achieve a more beautiful and safer flower yield. After flowering, remove the seed buds if you do not want to sow seeds later. It adorns its foliage throughout the summer and can withstand drought. In autumn, most varieties have a nice foliage, so the leaves are cut off only after frost.

Rooted, perennial plants develop well even without feeding, but with the organic manure applied at the same time as the spring sprouting, we can stimulate the development of the plant, which will already have an effect on the flower mass of the year.

Delivery dimensions
Peonies can also be ordered packed in roots in spring and autumn, in which case only the stems of the plant are sent in peat. Potted plants will be shipped in May and will be shipped in late summer.