The lily (Lilium) is an onion plant belonging to the lily family, which can now be found in countless varieties. Thanks to the richness of flower color and shape, as well as its wonderful scent, it is the summer queen of the gardens.

In our offer, we have tried to categorize each variety for easier overview. With a careful selection, they can bloom alternately in our garden throughout the summer.

When planting bulbs, make sure the planting depth is at least twice the size of the onion, but giant varieties can be made even deeper so that they don’t tip over later. Plant in well-drained soil, loosen the soil if necessary. Provide development with a slowly dissolving diet in the spring, watering during drier periods.

In our experience, bulbs planted in the spring also bloom fully in the year of planting. However, the application of the necessary feed and irrigation are essential for this. The height of the plants in the first year may differ from the indicated sizes.