Registered customers

Scoring system

Our registered customers participate in the point collection system, so after ordering the products participating in the point collection system, points will be credited to their user account. Each point corresponds to 1 HUF. Minimum unit for the use of points: HUF 100.

The point collection system only counts the points collected after registration, so the point value of pre-registration orders cannot be credited afterwards.

Loyalty scheme

Our regular customers can participate in our system if the order amount in our web store has already reached the limit of HUF 50,000. Order amounts are reviewed once a week, on Monday.

Our regular customers receive a 5% discount on the price of our products. The discount will be indicated in the shopping cart. You are only entitled to the discount after the credit, so you cannot use it in the order with which you exceed the regular customer limit.

From January 2021, our present webshop will be open. Orders placed in our previous webshop are still included in our database, however, the discount (if the amount of the orders reached HUF 50,000) can only be credited to our registered customers. Please indicate after registration if you are eligible for the discount.
Unfortunately, we are unable to register the customer and credit the discount in accordance with the data protection rules.