We undertake a guarantee of quality and varietal identity for the plants, flower bulbs and other products we sell:

Quality guarantee

Our quality guarantee is valid together with the money back guarantee for 14 days from the receipt of the package or personal receipt, based on the right of withdrawal specified in the job rule. After that, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the condition and quality of the plants due to the uncontrollability of the housing conditions.

After receiving the package, check the contents of the package, the quality of the purchased plants and flower bulbs.

When ordering a live plant, please check the contents of the package by opening it, if you experience damage to it, please take a photo after opening the package and removing the plant from the package. In the absence of this, we cannot guarantee the damage to the plants resulting from transport. In the case of packaging, especially in the case of live plants, special attention is paid to their proper fastening, but due to the difficulties of transport, damage to the plants may nevertheless occur.

When ordering flower bulbs, please check the quality of the bulbs before planting, if you experience any abnormalities, please contact us by e-mail with photos. Flower bulbs are also inspected upon arrival and packaging, but you may still receive onions in objectionable condition.

If you experience serious damage to the outside of the package when it is delivered, please do not take over your package.

Guarantee of varietal identity

The varietal identity of bulbs and individual plants is revealed at the time of first flowering, so when we buy a flower bulb or a non-flowering plant, we cannot yet see the characteristics of that variety.

Varietal identity is important to us, so we guarantee this until the first flowering season. The guarantee of variety identity can therefore be for several years, the relevant information is indicated for each product.

We do not assume color identity for imported potted plants (eg potted hyacinth, potted amaryllis). Information on this will be provided separately for the products concerned.

Our money back guarantee lasts for 14 days from the receipt of the package, so 50% of the price of non-identical plants and bulbs can be purchased in our webshop in case of an acceptable complaint.

If the plants ordered in our webshop do not have a variety identity, please contact us by e-mail with your order number and photos.