Dahlias are the jewels of summer gardens, with their magical colors and richness of form, they smuggle cheerfully into the gardens to the frosts. You can choose from everything from dwarf sizes to giant meters, so we recommend it for any plant association.

Plant the tubers in a sunny, warm place after the frosts have passed. They do not develop nicely in shady places and grow fewer flowers. After the dahlias have sprouted, it is worth pinching the shoots back at the age of 4-6 leaves, so we will have a more bushy plant and more flowers, and they will even form a more resistant, compact bush.

Our dahlias will be most beautiful if watered regularly. We cut open flowers so our plant spends energy on growing newer flowers. After the first frosts, dig out the tubers and move to a frost-free, cool place.

In our offer you will find a wide range of dahlias, which are uniquely rich. There are also dwarf, giant flowering, cactus and pompom dahlias, special and rare burgundy leaf varieties and dahlia trees growing two meters high.